Returning to In-Person School

What should I do if I want my child to switch from online to in-person learning?

Please email us at [email protected] and let us know your child’s name, grade, and homeroom teacher if you would like your child to return to in-person learning.  We are welcoming students back on Mondays, so please let us know by close of business the Wednesday of the week before so that we have time to get everything set up. We also require that you complete the COVID Informed Consent Form here before your child returns.


Parents should complete the My Bright Day app before leaving home. Directions are at the bottom of this message. Please enter the car park following the route for your grade shown on the map below. K,  4th and 5th Grade parents are asked to enter at the mid-entry as viewed on the map below, drive past the front doors of CHA and stop behind the crosswalk.  We have two lanes, so we ask that you line up accordingly.  It is best to get here around 7:55 if you would like to make a quick exit.  1st- 3rd check-in at the lower lot, unless there is a K, 4, 5 sibling, in which case you can check-in at the main entrance.  The earlier you get here, the quicker the process will go for you.  If you don’t mind waiting, you are welcome anytime between 8:00-8:30.  Waiting until 8:25 will ensure that your child will most likely be late for class. Class will begin at 8:30; students are tardy at 8:35 with leniency as we adjust to this new routine. Families with siblings can choose which entrance to drop all students off at and should notify homeroom teachers which entrance they will pick up at.

Students should remain in their cars. Health Checkers will come to your vehicle, take every person’s temperature, ask if you’ve completed the Health Check on the My Bright Day app, and if you have, they will help your child out of your car. If you have not, the Health Checker will ask you the questions verbally, check you in, help your child out of your vehicle.  If someone is unable to pass the health check, they will be asked to return home and will be sent Medical Clearance paperwork to complete prior to their return. Jaynie Woodard [email protected] and Kaylee Strachan [email protected] will support this process.

A Specialist Teacher will escort students to their homeroom class after showing them where to place their belongings in their locker.  Lockers are spaced to allow students space from one another. Students will have an adjusted schedule that is similar to what they’ve had since September, with a few slight changes due to the time needed to transition and sanitize. 

The School Day

Extended Day in the morning occurs from 8:00-8:30 (7:45 – 8:30 for 5th). Students will enter their homeroom class for this time. Students will not be combined as they were in previous years. An Instructional Assistant will be there to welcome and support students. During this time, students can read a book, play a game, complete unfinished work and proactively prepare for the day ahead. Turn-in bins are available for students to place books. Books are “sanitized” by spraying the paper towel and wiping the cover. The product we use is called Force of Nature which is a multipurpose cleaner. When children browse through books, they must sanitize or wash their hands before and after. There is no charge for AM Extended Day. If you wish to utilize PM Extended Day and are not signed up for it, please email Jaynie Woodard at [email protected].

Teachers will teach lessons using  Teams. Students in-person will view the lesson using their surface or the interactive panel, depending on the lesson.  They will be able to see and hear the teacher in class and their classmates online. The students online will have the same view they’ve had previously. Students will sit in desks that are 6 ft apart with masks on throughout the day except for when they are eating snack and lunch. Desks, chairs, doorknobs, and bathrooms will be cleaned throughout the day with desks and chairs being cleaned after each rotation.

Bathrooms will be monitored to ensure that there are no more than two people in the bathroom at a time with the middle stall and middle sink blocked off. Teachers will utilize walkie-talkies to confirm numbers in the bathrooms. Since most of our fourth graders are familiar with this floor finding their way to the bathrooms will be easy.  Some of our students who haven’t been in the building before will have teacher and IA support as they learn their way through the building. At recess time, in-person students will go outside, weather permitting so please bring weather-appropriate clothing. Keeping extra masks in their locker to switch out is recommended. 

Students will need a reusable water bottle as water fountains are not available for use. Snack will be provided in the AM. If students would like a PM snack, they will need to bring one from home. Hot lunch is available to order here. and should a student forget their lunch, we will provide one for them. Microwaves are not available in the classroom; therefore, food must be ready to eat when a student opens their lunch. After lunch, students will go outside to recess where the playground is sectioned off by quadrants. Students will play with the students in their rotation only. Students will fill the playground from the furthest section first to avoid students walking past one another and will leave the playground in the opposite manner with the first group closest to the door exiting first.

Specialists will provide instruction through Teams in the homeroom class, with the exception of PE. PE for online students will be asynchronous with Coach Sturgess providing the lesson via video. Coach Sturgess will check in with online students via Flipgrid and chat to ensure students are progressing in their standards. In-person students will go to the gym or outside for recess.  

At the end of the day, students participating in Extended Day will remain in their classrooms. Students will not combine.  They will go outside, have a snack which is provided, or they’ve brought from home, and then have free-choice time.  Students must be picked up by 5:00. Come to the front door and notify Kaylee or another admin that you are there. Kaylee or another member of the Admin Team will call for your child and walk them out to you.  Parents may not enter the building at any time.

Students who are leaving when the day is done at 3:30, are called “Early Out”. If a student is “Early Out” they will follow their teacher to the front parking lot where the Teacher will escort your child and place them in your car.  Please park your car instead of waiting in line like you would in the morning. 

If you have a nanny, grandparent, or person outside of someone on your Authorized Pick-Up List, please notify the CHA Admin Team [email protected] and we will share this information with your child’s teacher. The person picking up needs to be prepared to share a Picture ID.

Students who are returning for in-person must bring all materials and school-issued laptops that were sent home on their first day back. They will need them for classes as students will continue to utilize individual supplies. Please look to next week’s 4th Grade Newsletter for a list of items to be returned. Teachers will be replacing pencils, etc. that have been used with new ones. If your child needs additional supplies while they are working from home, please notify the teacher and they will send them home in the Friday Folder. In-person students will not have a Friday Folder pick up any longer, but will take their Friday Folder home with them on Fridays. Students who wish to may bring their Kindle or E-Reader to school, but not until you have read and signed the form that you will find here. In-person students will not have a Friday Folder pick up any longer, but will take their Friday Folder home with them on Fridays.

We look forward to providing concurrent instruction that allows parents to choose which platform they are most comfortable with for their child. With that said, we ask that you extend grace as we move towards a different way of working and providing instruction. Please find below some useful resources, which you will also find on the Parent Portal of our website here. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have questions by replying to this email.

Thank you,
Holly Senaga


Traffic Flow Map 

Masks for Students 

Please read the full guidance here. Gator-style masks are not permitted, neither are masks with valves. Staff and students will wear masks at all times, except whilst actually eating and drinking. We ask that your child keeps 5 spare masks in their locker in case of contamination.

My Bright Day Screening App - To Be Completed Every Morning for In-Person

To speed up the drop-off process for in-person students in the morning, we are using the My Bright Day app for our COVID screening questions. Please use the app to answer the required questions before you arrive at school. When you arrive at school, we will just need to take the temperatures of the people in the car, which will expedite the process. If you are dropping off more than one child from your household, you will only need to answer the questions once per day. The login credentials are the same as for the Family Information Center. We are not using any of the app’s features other than COVID screening. We are not using the app for camp or childcare drop-off. If you have questions, please contact Kaylee Strachan or Jaynie Woodard. If they are unavailable, please call 855-239-3850 and press 2 or email [email protected]. Here is how you complete the screening process in the My Bright Day app:

  • Download and Install the My Bright Day by Bright Horizons app from your phone’s app store.
  • Log in to the app using the credentials of the parent/guardian who is the primary payer on the Family Information Center
  • Tap Drop Off Notes
  • Tap Covid-19 Screening
  • Answer the questions and tap Submit
  • Rinse and repeat every day before you drop child off at school.

Health Screening Questions can be found on the Parent Portal

HEPA filters:

Most commercial building HVACs don’t have HEPA-grade filters. These are common in hospitals, places where people are sensitive to dander, dust, pollen, etc. The airlines have now upgraded their planes to now use HEPA grade filters due to COVID. We addressed this for CHA and use a HEPA grade filter in our HVAC. The HEPA grade filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) is essentially a filter that is designed to do a better job at pulling out particulate matter from the air than a non-HEPA filter. (it has more layers of fabric, trap points for matter, better construction, etc). It is changed monthly throughout the building and is the highest grade.