REACH – Remote E-Learning at Chestnut Hill

At Chestnut Hill Academy, our first preference is always to be on our beautiful campus, enjoying in-person experiences and interactions with our students and families. On March 16th we launched Remote E-learning at Chestnut Hill, which we refer to as REACH, in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Our online school program, built on the Microsoft Teams platform, enables us to continue to deliver high-quality education to all our students while the campus is closed.

Although it doesn’t replicate on-site, in-person, hands-on learning, our teachers are instructing our students and connecting with our families in powerful ways through a variety of formats within this alternative structure.

Every day, teachers and Specialists lead online, interactive classes in all subjects. These lessons are recorded and shared via Teams afterward for students who couldn’t attend. Teachers also upload videos of themselves explaining new skills and concepts as well as providing small group coaching via Teams.

Teachers incorporate the online tools connected with their curriculum, using the Computer Lab Website, as well as the textbooks already used at school that students have access to at home. During regular office hours, teachers meet with parents, students, and faculty to provide additional support and conversation.

On a typical day, a student should expect to complete four hours of schoolwork, which will include some time spent on Language Arts, Math practice, Science, Social Studies, Leader in Me, and listening to Read-A-Louds.

Students also participate in their favorite specialist classes, with the specialists providing many and varied creative experiences.

The learning curve was steep, and the time available to implement was tight. Our staff rose to the challenge and have embraced their new technology skills to connect with our community in new ways, including meetings with the Mayor of Bellevue, a local inventor, and state park ranger. Our music teachers hosted a virtual musical recital, and fourth grade students skyped with a scientist.

We’re incredibly grateful for the growth mindset of our wonderful community of educators, parents, and students, and for the support and dedication, they have shown as we work through this challenge together. We are proud to commit ourselves to delivering continuity of learning wherever we are.