Green Team

At Chestnut Hill Academy, we have reached the “Sustaining” Level (the highest level) of accreditation through King County’s Green Schools program. Through the King County Green Schools Program, we expanded waste reduction and recycling practices during our Level 1 year, reduced our impact on global warming through energy conservation during our Level 2 year, and added focus on water conservation during our Level 3 year.  

With the Sustaining Level, the focus has been on maintaining all of those previous efforts, with an additional emphasis on engaging the entire Student Body through an informative and comprehensive Earth Week event, as well as adding pollinator features to the school garden and supporting an aeroponic garden tower in the Cafe.  

Our environmentally friendly efforts and initiatives are led by our students, in the form of a Green Team comprised of representatives from second through fifth grade. The Green Team members participate in biweekly meetings and facilitate projects focused on recycling, composting, gardening, water conservation, and other essential eco-friendly practices, to raise environmental awareness across the student body.

Green Team Advisors: Debbie Fox (Second Grade Teacher), Jeryl Kolb (Second Grade Teacher), Bob Rees (Music Teacher), Monique Stuart-German (Admin), Sonali Thakre (Instructional Assistant)

You can find out more about the King County Green Schools Program here