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Send your questions to [email protected]. 

  • How do I sign up for online payment of tuition fees? Please read the instructions here.
  • How do I ‘push through’ a payment if it didn’t happen automatically? 
    1. Log into the Family Information Center website and click on the blue ‘Payment Options’ button then on ‘Make a Payment’.
    2. Enter the amount that you would like to pay to the center.
    3. Select ‘New Account’ under ‘Payment Method’.
    4. Enter your routing number, account number, select Checking/Savings, select Consumer/Business and enter an account nickname (you may already have a payment option since you signed up for recurring payments). Click Continue.  
  • When do I find out who my child’s teacher is? – At the Ice Cream Social. For parents who cannot attend we will post the class lists to the Parent Portal on the afternoon of the event.
  • When am I able to sign up for extracurriculars and how do I go about signing up? – At the Vendor Fair, which follows the Ice Cream Social
  • Professional development week: is this for parents? No, that is for teachers. We take our professionalism very seriously and develop it regularly.
  • What type of dress for the first day? First day of school is a Wednesday this year so no dress uniform – we only wear that every Monday, to some field trips and on special occasions like Picture Day, Festival of Peace & Light, Moving Up Ceremony etc.
  • When can we fill out the lunch form? Lunch order forms will be posted here Calendar reminders will be sent to parents.
  • Are themed lunchboxes/backpacks acceptable? (i.e. Pokémon or Avengers) Yes! Make sure they are labelled so that the right one comes home, and if it doesn’t come check the lost property box at the front desk.
  • Do I have to register through both the Sign-Up Genius and the School’s Out system if I need care during conference days? If you are a Microsoft family utilizing the School’s Out or Back-Up Care benefit, then you must register through the School’s Out or Back-Up Care system.  If you are not a Microsoft employee, you must register through the Sign-Up Genius sent out by the administrative team. 
  • If my child is already registered for Extended Day do I need to sign up at all for care during conference days?  Yes, even if your child is already registered for Extended Day for that month, you must complete a Sign-Up Genius or School’s Out reservation. 
  • What camp day charges are included in the monthly Extended Day charge, and which are not?  If you are paying the monthly rate for Extended Day, then care for parent-teacher conference and goal setting days will be included in that cost.  For any other weeks of camp there will be a separate charge billed to your account. 
  • Which uniform to wear on which days of the week? I’m aware of PE uniform on Monday and Friday. But not sure when he needs to wear dress uniform? You will find information about our dress code here - The Dress Uniform is required every Monday, unless it is a PE day for your grade. There will also be other days in which Dress Uniforms will be required such as picture day, most field trips and special events like the Festival of Peace and Light and Moving Up Ceremony.  On other days, uniform options may be worn. 
  • How do I sign up for aftercare program and how do I make payments for it? If you want your student enrolled in our aftercare program (Extended Day) you should indicate this on your Student Information Form. You will find the form here . Payment for Extended Day will be drafted automatically via ACH. 
  • Can my child do extracurriculars and ride the shuttle? The shuttle leaves school at 3:35 to drop off at Houghton and Microsoft Laguna South.  Students taking the afternoon shuttle (free service) will not be able to participate in extracurricular classes at CHA because those do not get out until 4:45. Students are welcome to stay at school, participate in the extra-curricular class and then be picked up from CHA.   We also offer an Extended Day option which is open until 6 pm, so your child can go to an extra-curricular and then join Extended Day until you can come and collect them.
  • Does my student need a lock for his locker? Students do not need, and in fact are not allowed, to bring keys in for their lockers. 
  • What does he need to bring to school on the first day? Is there a list of items to purchase for the child in terms of books, crayons etc? No shopping for you – CHA will provide everything your student needs apart from uniform!
  • I subscribed to the calendar in Outlook, but all events downloaded to are showing up an hour later than they are supposed to. What should I do? This is a known problem with Outlook, which Microsoft have no plans to fix. If you have an iPhone or Android, the easiest thing to do is to visit the calendar on your phone,, click on the subscribe link and it will add the calendar and display the correct times. There is a workaround on Windows 10 - you can change the date time settings to turn off the “Adjust for daylight savings time automatically” and “Set time zone manually”, then turn off “Set time automatically” and adjust the time according.
  • How do I see what the snacks are this week? Go to the Lunches page and scroll to the bottom where you will find the snack list for the week.