A big thank you to all CHA families who supported our school by shopping the Online Scholastic Store or donating to the Book Fair Fund! 

We have raised a grand total of $8,960 (=$7,525 Book Fair Fund  +  $1,435 Online Scholastic Store )! The Book Fair Fund of $7,525 has exceeded our goal of $5,000 because of your generosity.  The preliminary Scholastic Book sales of $5,741 yield a net amount of $1,435 (25% of fair sales) in Scholastic Dollars for future use.  The result is amazing considering it was our first virtual Book Fair.  With the funds raised and the Scholastic Dollars, we are excited to be adding more books to the classrooms and the library shortly. 

It was wonderful to see photos of CHA students and staff enjoying reading on the “You’ve Been Caught Reading” Fun Channel. We thank our paparazzi who caught them reading, brought excitement, and inspired us to keep on reading!  

We are also very thankful for CHAPTER and our wonderful staff who supported us throughout the Book Fair including Ms. Senaga, Ms. Whalen, Ms. Morlidge, Jaynie, Kaylee, and all the teachers. 

Thank you,

The CHA Book Fair Chairs - Sandy, Shirley, Tami, Masako, and Masae