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April 06, 2018

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In this update: 

  • Leadership Day 
  • Spring Musical Videos and Photos 
  • Prompt Pickup Policy 
  • ITBS Testing Week 
  • Earth Week 
  • Parking lot above CHA 
  • Young Sharks  
  • Camp Explorations 

Important Dates 

  • April 9th – 13th Spring Break 
  • April 17th – New Parent Orientation 
  • April 23rd - 26th - Earth Week  
  • April 23rd – 27th ITBS Testing Week 
  • April 26th – Spring Basket Pick Up 
  • April 27th - STEM Night 
  • May 8th - 11th - No AM or PM Shuttle available  
  • May 14th-18th - Faculty Appreciation Week 
  • May 15th - Board Meeting/Elections 
  • June 3rd - End-of-Year Picnic 
  • June 14th - Moving Up Ceremony 
  • June 15th - No school, no childcare 
  • June 18th - First day of Camp Explorations           

Dear CHA Community,  

Leadership Day was phenomenal!  Who doesn’t want to be greeted first thing in the morning by enthusiastic leaders and walk the red carpet?  From start to finish, CHA students know how to celebrate.  An important leadership characteristic is one of reflection and with our first Leadership Day behind us, many students who influenced planning the day shared their reflections: 

I’d like to have Leadership Day every day.” 

Lunch was amazing!” 

I liked speaking at the assembly.” 

I enjoyed giving tours.” 

The guest speakers were inspiring!” 

I liked doing the art projects.” 

I would agree with our K-5th grade students’ reflections on all counts.  It was an amazing celebration to be a part of throughout the day.  Dr. Bell, Lisa and Ethan Conquergood, along with our Student Ambassadors, Student Lighthouse, Green Team, Student Leaders, Mrs. Choi, CHA Staff and parent volunteers made the day, just as people you spend your time with make a difference. The culminating takeaway for me was a student handing me a piece of paper on which they’d repeatedly written, “I am a leader” over and over again.  If this becomes every student’s mantra, and they believe themselves to be a leader, then they are destined for greatness.  Thank you for being part of this celebration.  You can download your own copy of the photo the PSE drone took here.  

Spring Musical Videos and Photos – The videos of the musicals have been uploaded to our Dropbox. Email support@chestnuthillacademy.com if you need the link. The photos have been uploaded to Flickr. If you already have a Flickr account, email support@chestnuthillacademy.com stating the email address associated with your Flickr account and we will send you an invitation to view our album. The address for the photostream is  http://www.flickr.com/photos/34997242@N07/ . 

Prompt Pickup – The school’s hours are 7:00 am till 6:00 pm. We request that parents pick students up promptly by 6:00 pm so that staff members can leave on time to enjoy the lives they lead outside CHA. We have amended the policy on late pickup in the parent handbook. Please take a minute to review page 7 here.  

ITBS Testing Week - ITBS begins on Monday, April 23rd and will continue through Friday, April 27th for 1st-5th grade promptly at 8:30.  A few things that you can do at home to ensure that your child is positioned for the optimal testing experience are: 

  • Make sure they get a good night’s rest every night next week. 
  • Have a great breakfast that includes protein. 
  • Share the message that the most important part of the test is just doing their best. 
  • Be on time, if not early, to school. 

Please note:  Students who arrive after 8:30 when testing begins at 8:35 will not be admitted to the classroom as we want to ensure a positive testing environment is maintained without disruptions.  Students who arrive late will need to stay in the lobby reading a book until there is a break in testing and they’re able to join their class.  The student will then need to make up that section of the test on Friday.  Please ensure that appointments are made outside of the testing window (8:30-11 for 1st and 2nd and 8:30-12 for 3rd-5th) during this week.  

The ITBS provides us with insight into how your child is achieving in a variety of academic areas and is just one moment in a yearlong learning process.  We’ll share the results with you for your individual child, your child’s grade cohort, and the school overall, at the beginning of June.   

Earth Week – “A World Without Plastic” - Our Green Team has been busy planning Earth Week activities and looks forward to hosting different events throughout the week.  Look at what’s in store for the week:    

Monday: Habitat Day - Bring a stuffed animal to school  

Tuesday: Terrarium Tuesday - Plant a sunflower  

Wednesday: Wormy Wednesday - Chef Megan will serve something wormy!  

Thursday: Low Energy Thursday - Every class will turn off lights for one hour and have a low energy lunch  

Friday: Rainbow Day - Wear your favorite color, or all the colors of the rainbow!  

Parking Lot above CHA - Since September, we’ve been fortunate to have the ability to park in the spaces at our neighbor’s business above CHA, with the understanding that there are other businesses that rent space from the owner and utilize the parking spaces.  Given that the schools need for parking is usually short at drop off and pick up, the owner has been very gracious in sharing the space if it doesn’t impede her renter’s businesses.  She paved and lined the available parking spaces for use.  The area that is graveled and not lined is not available for us to use as one of her clients is a tow truck company and needs the space for turnaround.  Like any other parking lot, if a space is not lined it is not a parking space and by parking there you run the risk of being towed.  Our ability to park up there can continue to be a win-win solution if we abide by the expectations of only parking our cars within the lined spaces.  

Young Sharks – This program is an experientially based entrepreneurship program (think Shark Tank for children) open to 3rd through 5th Grade, and it will run on Tuesdays, starting after Spring Break. You can find out all about the program here – but if you are interested, don’t hesitate because the program is in danger of being cancelled due to low enrollment.    

Camp Explorations - Be sure to visit the Summer Camp page of the website to find out all about the fun Camp Director, Brandon Poole, has planned. CHA families will receive a 10% Early Bird Discount on enrollment (not including the registration fee or Extended Day) for registration forms submitted by May 19th.   

Holly Senaga

Head of School

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