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March 02, 2018

In this update:

  • Important Dates
  • Dr. Seuss Week
  • Meet Maddie
  • Lunch Billing
  • Karaoke Anyone?
  • Math Olympics
  • Spring Baskets
  • Google Art
  • Ski Lost Property
  • Awards of Excellence
  • Camp Explorations

Important Dates

  • March 5th - 30th CHAPTER Spring Baskets on Sale
  • March 7th - Parent Conferences & Childcare Sign Ups close
  • March 10th - Gala Auction
  • March 13th - Report Cards being emailed
  • March 15th & 16th - Parent conferences                                                                      

Dear CHA Community,

We realize parents and guardians entrust us the safety of their children every school day and we take on this weighty responsibility with care and diligence. In light of recent events, I would like to share with you what we do to keep students and staff safe at Chestnut Hill Academy.Staff are trained every year on the most up-to-date safety procedures. We practice safety drills of all types at least once per month. These drills include both Lock In and Lockdown, Earthquake and Fire.

A Lock In means that everything is okay and the situation is under control by the police as it is taking place outside and there is no threat to students or staff. The police will advise administration on when it is clear for the school to return to a normal schedule of activity.  This is a situation in which students stay in the school for any number of reasons such as wildlife on or around campus or a neighborhood dispute. If there is a reason to believe there is a threat, we would call for a Lockdown. A Lockdown is when there is a threat to the staff and students within the building and Lockdown protocol is engaged.

These regular drills are an important part of our safety practice and we reflect after each one on what went well, what we can change or improve and what we learned for the next time. We consult with facilities and law enforcement to improve our procedures and safety drills. In short, we are constantly discussing and evaluating our practices in order to ensure the safety of everyone at CHA.

How can students report? Students can tell any trusted staff member – with whomever they feel comfortable sharing. Staff are trained to listen and report as needed. Students can meet or e-mail any administrator.  If your student reports anything to you, we urge you to contact us directly.  We know that school safety is at the forefront of many peoples’ minds right now.  We also encourage you to talk with your student on the importance of reporting.

Our schools are often a major hub of exciting activity in a community—be it book reports, presentations and other celebrations. We want to thank you for every time you’ve checked in at the front desk. Going forward, all volunteers or guests will be asked to wear a Visitors Badge once school has begun.  We ask that you not leave open the entry way doors.  All parents have a code to enter and should use it to gain entry.  These procedures help us oversee and manage the individuals in our building.

Next week we will have a Lockdown and Fire drill after reviewing emergency and safety procedures with students after our last one on February 13th.  We encourage you to ask your students what they learned and how they felt.  Thank you for everything you do to help make Chestnut Hill Academy a safe and wonderful place to learn. 

Dr. Seuss Week - What a wonderful week it’s been, honoring the birthday of Dr. Seuss! From Monday’s “One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish” Drawing, the appearance of some truly outrageous socks on Tuesday, wacky outfits on Wednesday, holiday shirts on Thursday, and fun hats on Friday. Thank you to Student Council for planning such a fun week and Mrs. Lodwick, Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Setting for facilitating. 

Meet Maddie - Those of you who have dropped by the front desk this week have hopefully had a chance to meet Maddie Snyder, our new Admin Assistant, who will be taking over from Meagan Wehe from Monday, March 5th when Meagan will join our team of Instructional Assistants. You can read all about Maddie here. 

Lunch Billing - Due to an error in our lunch billing for February, you may have been over or under charged for lunches this month. If you were under charged, these fees will be drafted on April 1st, therefore, no action is required.  If you were over charged, our Business Manager, Jaynie Woodard, is currently working on crediting your account and this will be resolved today. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding! 

NHL Hockey - The community is abuzz with the excitement of bringing a NHL team back to Seattle.  Yesterday, season tickets sold out in a record breaking 12 minutes.  Steve Mattson, one of our first grade parents is connected with the program and donated 50 NHL shirts/sweatshirts to CHA.  Every students name was entered into a drawing, 50 were pulled and sweatshirts/shirts were placed in their lockers to sport and enjoy.  Thanks, Steve! 

Math Olympics - CHA had a community of Olympiads to celebrate today as students successfully competed in the Math Olympics.  A torch was passed, medals were awarded and games completed in!  A huge thank you to Tricia Salerno, Singapore Consultant, classroom teachers, parents and our students for their efforts in preparing for these games.  Students have become superior in their speed and recall of math facts due to their effort.  

CHAPTER Spring Baskets - The PTA Spring fundraiser is underway, just in time for Mother’s Day. The Spring Baskets will be on sale from March 5th – March 30th, and the baskets can be picked up from school on Thursday April 26th from the CHA Garage between 2:45-6pm. To order please click here

Google Art - Parents of 3rd,4th and 5th graders who are taking part in the Google Art competition should have received an email from Mrs. Choi explaining that the competition form needs to be returned to the Art room by Friday, March 2nd.  Please email Mrs. Choi if you have any questions. 

Ski Lost Property - We have an assortment of mismatched gloves and a couple of balaclavas left over from ski season. If you are missing anything, please come and check out the contents of the green bin on the lost property cart next to the front desk before it goes to Goodwill next week. 

Awards of Excellence - There’s still time to cast your vote for your favorite CHA Staff Member!  An extension was granted and you have until March 5th to submit here.  We look forward to announcing the results in May and celebrating with the winners on May 18th. Thank you to everyone who participated; it’s a really big deal for staff who get recognized in this way and your support is much appreciated. 

Camp Explorations - Be sure to visit the Summer Camp page of the website to find out all about the fun Camp Director, Brandon Poole, has planned. CHA families will receive a 10% Early Bird Discount on enrollment (not including the registration fee or Extended Day) for registration forms submitted by May 19th. 

Holly Senaga, Head of School

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