Campus Updates

September 27, 2017

Dear Parents,


As we head into your Goal-Setting Conferences, we look at this time as an opportunity to form a partnership of support at school and home, create a plan of academic, social and emotional action and seek first to understand then to be understood.  By beginning with the end in mind, this occasion allows us to come together to have deeper and more meaningful conversations regarding how we can help your child, our student reach their full potential.  This begins at home as your child starts their day, carries them through the school day and follows them home as they reflect upon their day.  Throughout each experience, we desire for students to feel supported, respected and challenged.  As a team, together each of us achieve more and we appreciate your partnership. 

In this update:

  • Middle School Information Session
  • Admissions and Parent Referral Program
  • Green Team Applications
  • Student Council Statistics
  • Festival of Peace and Light Date Change 

Middle School Information Session - I look forward to welcoming you on Tuesday, October 3rd  from 6:00pm - 8:00pm in the CHA Gym for the Middle School Information Session in which I’ll share details regarding College Preparatory Middle Schools in our area, our acceptance rates, and the Admissions Process.  The sign up genius for RSVP is available at  Appetizers will be served for adults and dinner and childcare will be provided for students ages 5-12.  I’ve reached out and invited Admissions Directors of these schools to join us.  James Ward from Eastside Catholic will have a booth set up. Following this presentation, I’ll be hosting a luncheon where CHA Alumni parents who have children currently attending Lakeside, EPS, EC, FR, and Overlake will share their experiences as they moved from CHA to their school of choice. 

Admissions and Parent Referral Program

Chestnut Hill Academy is currently accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year.  Our application deadline is Friday, January 26th.  We appreciate parents who have recommended CHA to their family and friends as well as continuing to entrust their children’s education to us. 


Parents who made family referrals whose children are accepted will receive a Referral Bonus of $250 per family.  Every family is eligible to participate in the referral program, and it’s simple.  First, refer the family.  Second, make sure the family lists your name on their application when asked how they heard of CHA. Third, family is accepted in March.  Fourth, the student begins in September.  Finally, referrals are paid out in October through ACH.


If you would like to refer a family to CHA, direct them to  and have them click on the Admissions page.  This will give prospective families the steps they need to apply.

Thank you for your recommendations.

Green Team Applications - This week, Green Team applications went home to our 2nd-5th grade students.  Chestnut Hill Academy is currently a Sustaining Level King County Green School, and we’re looking forward to another year of amazing environmental awareness and efforts to maintain that highest level of Green School certification! One of our first steps will be to create a Green Team. The Green Team will get some hands-on training from our King County Green Schools Representative, will get registered and recognized as an official Green Team with King County, and will facilitate projects focused on recycling, composting, gardening, water conservation, and other important eco-friendly practices. All students interested in becoming part of the Chestnut Hill Academy Green Team are required to submit an application to the front desk by Friday, October 6th, by 3:30 PM. The Green Team will consist of representatives from each grade, 2nd-5th grade, and will participate in monthly meetings (dates posted on the website calendar, always held from 7:45-8:30 AM). Representatives will be announced following a Green Team candidate reception on Friday, October 13th, and the group will be facilitated by Green Team Advisors Mrs. Fox, Mr. Kolb, Chef Joost-O’Malley, and Mrs. Stuart-German. 

Student Council Statistics

Here are some fun facts on our Student Council applicants for the 2017-18 school year… . 

20 applicants will be elected/selected

  • 1 President
  • 1 Vice President
  • 1 Secretary
  • 1 Treasurer
  • 2 5th grade delegates
  • 3 4th grade delegates
  • 3 3rd grade delegates
  • 3 2nd grade delegates
  • 5 additional delegates to support representation for K-1 

There are a total of 53 Student Council applications (about 21% of our student population!):

  • The girls are stepping up this year-  37 of the 53 applicants are female (about 70%)
  • There are 28 delegate applicants, and 25 cabinet applicants
  • 18 of the 25 cabinet applicants (72%) are girls
  • There are 5 Secretary applicants (5 of whom are female)
  • There are 6 Treasurer applicants (5 of whom are male)
  • Only 3rd and 4th graders applied for Treasurer
  • There are 8 Vice president applicants (7 of whom are female)
  • There are 6 President applicants (5 of whom are female)
  • Only 4th and 5th graders applied for President
  • 14 of the 53 applicants (26%) have served on Student Council previously
  • 14 of the 53 applicants are from 2nd grade
  • 14 of the 53 applicants are from 3rd grade
  • 14 of the 53 applicants are from 4th grade
  • 11 of the 53 applicants are from 5th grade

Festival of Peace and Light - This will now be held from 2-3 on the afternoon of Thursday December 14th at the Bellevue Hilton. School will be open for the morning of Friday, December 15th. CHA will close at 11:00, after which there will be no school or childcare. The school website calendar and Key Dates calendar has been changed to reflect this change and can be viewed here

There is no Specialist News this week due to Goal Setting Conferences. 

Thank you,  Holly Senaga

Head of School

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