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September 15, 2017

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Dear Parents, 

After having a successful first full week of school, it’s a great time to think about the conversations you have about school.  When you think about parent involvement, do you picture yourself volunteering in the classroom and around the school?  While this is necessary and an important way to help, research shows that supporting your child’s education at home is even more important.  Here are some conversation starters that will help you stayed involved and connect with your child.

  • “Let’s see what you brought home.”
    • Looking at completed work from your child’s Friday Folder helps you understand what your child is learning and how well they are doing.  Commenting on their math work or social studies project, for instance. “You know the Washington State Song”, may be a question a 4th grade parent would ask.  Responding to teacher’s notes and emails keeps you connected and signing the daily planner and reading log if required by your grade lets the teacher know you’re supporting your child in school at home.
  • “Show me what you have for homework.”
    • It’s your child’s job to do their homework.  Having them explain what their homework is helps you know that they understand what they need to do.  Let them know you’re there if they have a question, but encourage them to work through problems on their own first before asking for help.  Glance over the work to check for understanding, but don’t correct the work.  Your child’s teacher needs to see what concepts your child has mastered and those they still need support with.  A note or email to the teacher sharing your child needs to be retaught a concept or more practice from your observation is always helpful.
  • “Describe a book you enjoyed today.”
    • This gives you an idea of what your child prefers to read.  Then, build a daily reading habit by asking what their plan is to achieve their reading goal for the night.  Encourage reading and listening skills by reading aloud and letting them read to you.  Asking clarifying questions about what is happening in the book let’s your child know they need to be active listeners.
  • “Tell me what you learned that you’d like to know more about.”
    • Use your child’s interest as jumping-off points for activities to share.  If they like telling time, you may point out different types of clocks when you’re out and about and challenge them to tell you the time.  If they’re fascinated by how animals adapt to winter, take a trip to the zoo or library to continue the learning exploration.  

Did you know… in this update you can find information about:

  • School Photographs
  • Lunch Ordering
  • Student Council
  • Leader in Me Parent Class
  • Placement Letters and Schedules
  • Curriculum Night
  • Goal Setting Conferences
  • Goal Setting Child Care
  • Middle School Information Session

School Photographs - Thank you to the parent volunteers who helped make picture day such a success. The children all looked lovely in their dress uniform, and the proofs are now available online.  if you are less than satisfied with the results there will the opportunity for retakes on  Monday, October 2nd. You can find more information on the Vakker flyer here and all relevant dates are on the school calendar. Families receive 20% off their order when placed by the order deadlines, and orders placed by the deadline will be delivered together to your school. Late orders are accepted at regular price, and they will be mailed directly to your home. 

Curriculum Night - On September 21st from 6:30-8:00, join your child’s grade level teachers for an opportunity to learn more about the year ahead.  Conversations will include information that pertains to Leader in Me, Curriculum, Field Trips, Goal-Setting, Parent Partnership, Celebrations and much more.  Child care is not provided as this is an Adults Only event.  

Goal-Setting Conferences - On September 28th and 29th, CHA will be hosting its first set of parent-teacher Goal-Setting conferences. Goal Setting conferences will be held with your CHA student’s homeroom teacher. This is a vital conference in which teachers and parents establish partnership to set goals for the year.  If parents are unable to attend, teachers will not be able to offer alternate dates for conferences.  Sign Ups for Goal Setting Conferences with your students homeroom teacher have been posted at

Goal-Setting Childcare - During the Goal-Setting days , CHA will be providing childcare on the 28th and 29th with the theme of “Archaeology and Expeditions”. If you would like your child to attend during the goal-setting time period, you will need to register them using one of the options listed below. 

·         If you have the monthly or annual Extended Day package, your childcare costs for those days are covered, but you must still utilize the Sign-Up Genius link to let us know that your child will be attending on those days -

·         If you do not have the monthly or annual Extended Day package, and do not have a Back-Up Care work benefit, you will be billed for each day for which you sign up for childcare, and must utilize the Sign-Up Genius link to let us know your child will be attending on those days.

·         If you do not have the monthly or annual Extended Day package, and if you work at Microsoft and have the School’s Out special program benefit, or work at Microsoft or another company that has the Back-Up Care Advantage (BUCA) benefit, and would like to utilize it for those days, you will need to register directly through the Back-Up Care Advantage system, and you will be billed through the Back-Up Care Advantage system.  Please note that the School’s Out and BUCA benefits involve different rates/features. 

·         If your child is just dropping in for the duration of your parent conference(approximately 30 minutes for one child or one hour for two children), then we will have a dedicated drop-in room and will not be charging childcare fees for students just attending while the conference is being conducted.  Children in the building on the 28th and 29th must be checked into childcare and cannot be left unattended in the building. 

Whichever pathway you take to register your child for childcare on the 28th and 29th, we ask that all reservations and sign-ups be completed by Tuesday, September 26th.  We staff these dates according to the attendance noted through these registrations, and we will not be able to accommodate families who have not registered by Tuesday, September 26th.

Lunch Ordering - We are always looking for ways to improve the services we provide to our families. On suggestion we heard recently was that families should be able to order lunch every two weeks rather than once a month. This is something we would be happy to do if it would help families; the downside would be some extra form filling by parents. If you like this suggestion please so that we can gauge how popular this change would be. The October Lunch Order Form is now open and will stay open until 4pm on Wednesday, 27th September. You can access the order form and view the menu here Please note that moving forward we will not be sending out the Outlook Calendar Reminder.

Walk-a-Thon and CHAPTER Fall Social - Friday, September 22nd from 1:00-3:00 will find student’s on the CHA field “fun” raising for CHAPTER at our annual Walk-a-Thon.  Students will receive a Walk-a-Thon shirt on Thursday to wear on Friday with their PE shorts or pants.  All students regardless if they have PE on Friday should wear the t-shirt, PE shorts/pants and comfortable walking shoes.  Please view the link for additional information:  The lower lot will be in use for the Walk-a-Thon and CHAPTER social on this day, therefore, parking will be blocked off.  Student pick up will not be possible in the afternoon so parents who do not attend the Walk-a-Thon and sign their child out from their teacher, will need to park up above, walk into school and ask the front desk to call for their child to the front desk.  Extended Day will run on its regular schedule and the shuttle will run its normal route. 

Student Council - In today’s Friday Folders, Second through Fifth Graders will receive Student Council applications.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students to venture into leadership and understanding how it supports the student body.  Applications are due Friday, September 22nd, by 3:30 pm.  Late applications will not be considered.

Leader in Me Parent Class - Our Leader in Me Coach, John Flokstra, will be leading a parent class at CHA on Wednesday, September 27th. Dinner will be served 6 - 6:30 and the presentation will start at 6:30. Dinner and childcare will be provided for students ages 5-12. You can view the flyer here. All parents are welcome, but we need to know who is coming so that we can arrange seating, food and childcare. To RSVP please go to our page and scroll down to Leader in Me.

Placement Letters and Schedules - Placement letters for 1st through 5th Grade Language Arts and Math, along with your child’s daily schedule, are in their Friday Folder.  Should you have questions pertaining to your child’s placement, please contact their teacher.

Lands’ End Sale - Lands’ End is having a sale on school uniform items 9.21 through 9.26. You can find details in the flyer we have posted to the Uniform section of the website here

Middle School Information Session - If you are a 4th or 5th grade parent, please join me on Tuesday, October 3rd from 6:00-8:00 as we explore Middle School options and the application process. Dinner and childcare will be provided.  Please look for the sign up in next week’s update. 

Dismissal Overview - As we’re getting the hang of drop off in the morning, I thought I’d take a moment to explain different dismissal options. 

Kindergarteners who aren’t picked up at 3:00 from their classroom are lined up for Extended Day unless you notify your child’s teacher that they are Early Out. 

  • If your child is Early Out, your child’s teacher will bring them down to carline where they will assist your child into the car between 3:00-3:15.  If you’re not there at 3:15, the teacher will walk your child to Extended Day and have them sign in.  You will then need to park, enter the school to sign your child out of Extended Day.
  • If your Kindergartner is riding the shuttle, they will line up at the end of the day to walk with the Extended Day group to the field to play.  At 3:25, Kindergartners will be lined up on the field and escorted upstairs to the lobby by an I.A. to get on the shuttle.
  • If your Kindergartner is participating in an Extracurricular, they will line up at the end of the day to walk with the Extended Day group to the field to play.  At 3:40, Kindergartners will be lined up on the field and escorted upstairs to the café where the vendor will pick them up for class.  After the class is over at 3:45, the vendor will walk all students to the Extended Day room to be checked in if they haven’t been picked up by their parents directly from the class. 

1st-5th Graders who aren’t picked up at 3:30 from their classroom are lined up in three lines:  Extended Day, Early Out, and Extracurricular Classes.

  • If your child is Early Out, they will line up with a grade level teacher, walk downstairs to carline and be escorted into your car.
  • If your child is riding the shuttle, they will line up and a grade level teacher will walk them downstairs to the lobby where they will be checked onto the shuttle.
  • If your child is participating in an Extracurricular class, they will line up and a grade level teacher will walk them to the café where the vendor will pick them up for class.  After the class is over at 3:45 (Karate is an exception with a later class), the vendor will walk students to the Extended Day room to be checked in if they haven’t been picked up by their parents directly from the class.

Students need to be supervised at all times and therefore may not wait at their lockers, in the lobby or elsewhere within the building that is not supervised waiting for a parent to pick up.   Students who have not been picked up from class, will be checked into Extended Day. 

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