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September 08, 2017

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Dear Parents,

Welcome to Campus Updates!  Every week I’ll look forward to sharing with you the ins and outs of what’s occurred throughout the CHA community on campus.  This communication is posted on the home page of the CHA website should you want to reference it at a later date.  Thanks to an extraordinary group of students and families, we’ve successfully begun our journey as we continue our mission of launching leadership. It was a great start to the school year for staff and students at Chestnut Hill Academy.  Hopefully, it was a great start for you at home also.  Our CHA Chipmunks returned with mindfulness of one another and met Chippy at today’s assembly, the official CHA Mascot along with hearing a message from the Kid President who welcomed them to think about what they’re teaching the world and to celebrate their awesomeness.  We invite you to share your thoughts on what you’re teaching the world and what your awesomeness is with your child. 


We’re still in need of three parent volunteers to assist with Picture Day on Monday from 8:15-12:15.  If you are available to assist, please sign up using the following link:!/showSignUp/10c0849a8a92cab9-20162017 and report to the MPR at 8:15.  You’ll receive a discount on school pictures for volunteering. 


Please review the Parent Handbook here. You will find an insert from the handbook in your student’s Friday Folder. Please sign and return to school on Monday. 


Non-emergency messages and items (including forgotten homework and lunches) are not delivered to students during class, as this causes a significant disruption to the learning environment.  The following exceptions, within reason, will be made:

Forgotten Lunches & Other Items - Should a student forget his or her lunch or other important items, parents may drop it off in the morning to the front desk. It will be delivered to the student’s locker. Please remind your student if they have forgotten anything, including a lunch, to check in between classes or at lunch time with their teacher first prior to going to the front desk.  

After-School Transportation Issues & Activities – Please take a moment to remind your student of his or her transportation arrangements and activities in advance of their arrival to school. Should you find that your student’s after-school transportation arrangements or activities have changed during the day, you may call the front desk to inform us of the change and a message will be sent to your student’s homeroom teacher.  

EXTRACURRICULARS - Thank you to those of you who signed your students up for extracurricular classes at the Vendor Fair last Tuesday. We have a couple of classes with space for some more students, please contact the instructor directly if you are interested:

3rd - 5th Art Club with Mrs. Choi, meets Monday. Contact is

3rd - 5th Tech Club with Mrs. Morlidge, meets Monday or Thursday. Contact is

1st - 5th Creative Writing with Mrs. Morman meets Tuesdays. Contact is

2nd - 5th Board Games with Ms. Peters meets Wednesdays. Contact is

1st - 5th CHAMP Ensemble meets Mondays. Contact is

4th - 5th Test Prep meets Tuesday (5th) and Wednesday (4th). Contact is

3rd - 5th Cooking Club with Mrs. Setting meets Tuesdays. Contact is 

SPECIALISTS’ NEWSLETTER - Every week the specialists put together a newsletter to keep you informed about all the exciting, educational activities they have been doing with your children. Instead of sending you a separate email you will see there is a link to this week’s newsletter at the top of this page. You will not need to log in to read the Specialists’ Newsletter. 

SCHEDULES - Kindergarten schedules went home today in Friday Folders.  All other grades will receive schedules and placement letters in next week’s Friday Folders after Math and Language Arts groups have been formed. 

BE PRESENT - Everyone seems to be enjoying getting back into the routine of school.  Here are a few helpful tips towards working together for a successful school year: 

  • Being in school all day, every day, on time, helps your child get the most out of their elementary school experience.  Encouraging good attendance by pointing out that there is no substitute for being present in class to hear their teachers explanation of concepts, participate in group projects and class discussions as well as asking clarifying questions. 
  • Attendance and Tardies will be tracked on Jupiter, our online grading and attendance tracking program.  Should your child be absent or tardy, an email will be sent to you through Jupiter beginning Monday.
  • Scheduling doctor, dentist, and orthodontist appointments for before or after school whenever possible is preferable. 
  • It will be easier for your child to get up on time for school if they get the recommended amount of sleep by having a reasonable bedtime and disconnect from electronics and TV so they’re not tempted to stay awake.  Reading and playing games are healthy alternatives! 

GOAL SETTING  - On September 28th and 29th, CHA will be hosting its first set of parent-teacher Goal-Setting conferences.  This is a vital conference in which teachers and parents establish partnership to set goals for the year.  Teachers will post conference sign-up opportunities online.  If parents are unable to attend, teachers will not be able to offer alternate dates for conferences. 

During the Goal-Setting days on the 28th and 29th, CHA will be providing childcare with the theme of “Archaeology and Expeditions”.  Join us on an expedition … to the past!  We will learn all about being good stewards for archaeology, and preserving the past for the future.  We’ll learn about how the past gets buried by conducting some research on Pompeii and observing baking soda volcanoes, we’ll conduct mock excavations and attempt reconstructions using items we find, and we’ll map out our discoveries using Cartesian coordinates.  Students will investigate human technological, economic, social, and cultural evolution from the deep past to recent centuries.  Get ready to dig up some adventure!

If you would like your child to attend during the goal-setting time period, you will need to register them through the Sign-Up Genius link listed below.  If you have the Microsoft School’s Out or Back-Up Care (BUCA) benefit and would like to utilize it for these days, you will need to register directly through the Back-Up Care Advantage system. 

If you are paying the monthly or annual rate for Extended Day, then care for parent-teacher conference and goal-setting days will be included in that cost.  For any other days or weeks of camps, there will be a separate charge billed to your account.  Please note that even if you are signed up for monthly or annual Extended Day, you must still utilize the Sign-Up Genius link or BUCA/School’s Out registration link to let us know that your child will be attending on those days.

Sign-Up Genius link for September 28th and 29th:

BUCA/School’s Out registration link:

Please note that we staff these dates according to the attendance noted through the Sign-Up Genius links and the School’s Out system, and we will not be able to accommodate families who have not registered in advance for childcare.  We appreciate your partnership and cooperation in signing up by Tuesday, September 26th, to ensure that we have space for your child. 

SHUTTLE - If you would like your child to ride the shuttle please go to the Shuttle Info on the Campus Life section of the website  to sign up so we know which route you require. 

School Photographs - 

ADOPT A CLASSROOM - Our wonderful librarian, Melissa Lodwick, was so moved by the plight of the people of Houston she partnered with ‘Adopt A Classroom’ to find a school we could support. From 9 am Friday 8th through 4 pm Thursday 14th there will be a bin in the foyer where you can drop off the supplies listed on the flyer. Please email if you have questions. 


September 11 - School Picture Day - Dress Uniform Required

September 12 – Scones w/Senaga – 8:30-9:30 – Staff Lounge

September 21 - All Parent CHAPTER Meeting - 5:30-6:30 - Dinner Provided

September 21 - Curriculum Night 6:30-8:00pm - Plan to carpool – No Childcare

September 22 - CHAPTER Walk A Thon - 1:00-3:00 - Parents Welcome – CHAPTER Social  - CHA Parking Lot - 3:00-6:00

September 28 - Goal Setting - No School - Childcare Provided – Free Dress

September 29 - Goal Setting - No School - Childcare Provided – Free Dress 

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Thank you, 

Holly Senaga 

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