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Staff Directory

Derek Heinz's picture

Derek Heinz

PE Coach/Assistant Principal

Mountain View High School (Vancouver, WA), Western Washington University (Bachelors of Arts), Washington State University (Masters of Education Administration)

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Jeryl Kolb

Reading and Math Specialist

Jordan Krause's picture

Jordan Krause

Instructional Assistant

Joe Kustok's picture

Joe Kustok

Bus Driver

Le Liu's picture

Le Liu

Instructional Assistant

Bachelor of Arts in Education 2012
Master of Arts in Curriculum & Instruction

Veronica Luckey's picture

Veronica Luckey

Instructional Assistant

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education 2013

Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials 2015

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Sarah Morlidge

Director of Technology and Communication

Leah Morman's picture

Leah Morman

Teacher, 2nd Grade

Jodie Newell's picture

Jodie Newell

Teacher, Kindergarten

Katie Norkus's picture

Katie Norkus

Teacher, 5th Grade