The primary goal in PE is to expose students to a wide range of activities that foster independence, teamwork, sportsmanship, and a better understanding of what it means to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. A child who is physically active will tend to exhibit higher levels of happiness and self-confidence than individuals who are sedentary. Success in PE will be determined by a student’s attitude, effort, and respect towards themselves as well as their classmates.

The PE curriculum includes a lot of variety, similar to the overall school day for our students at CHA. Some examples include: cooperative activities, a monthly run/jog/walk, introductions to sports, strategy-based games, and dance. Such variety enables all of our students to find their niche in PE. Each class enjoys one hour of PE every week, which is held either in the gym or outside on the soccer field.

When a student’s time at CHA has concluded, our objective is for them to understand that exercise can come in several different shapes and sizes. More importantly, we hope that they find the skills taught to them in PE are applicable in many other aspects of their lives and future education.