The CHA music program delivers an active music curriculum and variety of experiences that will lead students to develop musical skills, understanding, and most importantly a lifelong joy and appreciation for music.

Each grade has music for one hour per week. The CHA music teacher uses the Orff-Schulwerk approach for the basis of the curriculum, which is based around things children love to do such as chant, move, play games, sing, create, and play instruments and the Kodaly method, which uses hand symbols to aid with inner-ear listening and memory, and approach music with students as a language in which we hear and experience first, then read and write later (imitation, exploration, then creation/composition.)

The curriculum is organized by grade level, and sequences musical skills that support the National Standard for Arts Education. Students are often challenged to do multiple things at once, such as chanting while on the move, or playing instruments. The skills that students acquire carry over directly to school performances, such as the Festival of Peace and Light in December and Spring Musicals.

CHA has a wonderful music room. There is plenty of room to move, and we have many instruments and books that help enhance the experience for our students. We are fortunate to have a collection of 15 Orff xylophones and metallophones. These are used for creative improvisation and to keep a beat or harmonic foundation while working on songs as an ensemble.