Chestnut Hill Academy students must wear a complete uniform at all times. Adherence to these uniform regulations promotes peer acceptance and school pride, lessens the emphasis on fashion, instills student discipline, and enhances academic focus. Uniforms may be purchased from the Dennis Uniform Company located in Tukwila or through the Lands’ End catalog. There are several days each year which are “free dress” days; these will be announced in advance. Uniforms are not required during intersession periods or summer camp. The Dress Uniform is required every Monday. There will also be other days in which Dress Uniforms will be required (such as picture day and on most field trips).  On other days, uniform options may be worn. All ‘outer’ wear worn in the building (sweaters, polo shirts, and fleeces) are required to have the CHA logo on them.


  •  White polo or peter pan collar shirt*
  •  Green cardigan*
  •  Green sweater vest*
  •  Green sweater*
  •  Khaki shorts or pants
  •  Blackwatch jumper*, skirt or skort
  •  Socks / tights - white/forest green (girls) or brown/black (boys)
  •  Shoes - black, brown or navy

 DAILY UNIFORM - any of the above, as well as:

  •  Green or navy polo shirt*, long or short sleeves
  •  Green or navy polo dress*, long or short sleeves
  •  Khaki skirt or skort
  •  Navy jumper*
  •  Socks / Tights - white/green (girls), black/brown (boys)
  •  Shoes or tennis shoes (non-skid sole)


  •  Grey T-shirt*, long or short sleeves
  •  Navy sweatshirt* (crew or hoodie) or track jacket*
  •  Navy sweat or track pants
  •  Navy mesh shorts
  •  Tennis shoes, non-skid soles

CHA OUTERWEAR (optional)

  •  Blue microfiber fleece (full zip or half zip) or jacket*
  •  Blue insulated vest*

 ACCESSORIES (optional)

  •  Blackwatch hairbow, headband or scrunchy, belt
  •  Navy modesty/bike shorts                      

* Logo Required

Examples of Dress Uniform Shoes for Boys