Intersession camps are CHA programs that run during the year when school is not in session. These daily activities center around varying themes that change each term. Our campers explore art, science, technology, music and more each day while working with teachers they know. You can register for the following camps using our sign-up page.


December 18-22, 27-29: Timeline Trekkers  

Strap on your cowboy boots, polish your golden crown, and charge your lasers, we’re about to begin a time traveling adventure!  Every other day we will pack our bags and travel to a different era frozen in time. From the clash of swords in medieval days to steer wrangling western times, we hope to meet some iconic characters on the way, both fictitious and real, that influence these genres. Join us in our time machine as we hop through eons, perhaps even into the distant future!   


Feb 20-23: I Spy…

Bring your magnifying glass and let the sleuthing begin! Each day we will crack a case using engineering, science, and language skills. Learn how to decipher codes and use logic to solve complex problems. By the end of the week, there won’t be a case we can’t solve!


March 15-16: Ecosystem Extremes

Did you know that the largest living organism is a mushroom that spans 2.4 miles underground in Oregon? Or that a species of parrot nests inside an active volcano? Let’s explore some of the most extreme environments on our planet and find out what makes them so special.


April 9-13: Imagination Lab

Build, create, improvise, and dream. Our imaginations allow us to do fantastic things. From creating original artwork to engineering designs, let’s find out just how useful our imaginations are. This Spring Break, we are vacationing wherever our imagination takes us!


May 25th: Game On!

This camp is all about playing games! From Human Checkers to Giant Jenga, there will be games galore. Have you ever played bocce ball? What about Liar’s Dice? Perhaps your favorite game will be the one you create!